Deep in an Alabama Bayou . . .

Deep in an Alabama Bayou . . .

It’s here!

The Dark Seas Series has returned after being out of print for several years. These were the first books I ever published and they’ve always been special to me, in part because I’m totally obsessed with mermaids. To me, they are archetypes of feminine strength and beauty.

With plenty of creepy suspense and the southern atmosphere that pervades all my books, I hope you enjoy them! The second book in the series, Siren’s Treasure, is also available and the third book, Siren’s Call will be for sale next week.

My wish, as always, is that all of you are safe and well in these challenging times.

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With over a hundred reviews, the first book in the series, Siren’s Secret, pits a mermaid against a serial killer when she catches him dumping the body of his latest victim at sea.

In the dark bayou waters, two deadly secrets collide.

Shelly, a shapeshifting mermaid, is out swimming on a swelting southern night when she witnesses a serial killer disposing of his latest victim. He can’t afford to let her live to tell the tale. She can’t afford to let a human reveal her true identity.

With each becoming the hunter and the hunted, a lethal game ensures. Should Shelly be exposed, it’s not just her life, but the lives of her secret mermaid clan—and all of the mermaid world—are at risk.

Caught in the middle is the sheriff who suspects his girlfriend is keeping secrets and knows something about the killer terrorizing the bayou he’s sworn to protect. He’s determined to solve the murders at any cost . . .

Available as an ebook and paperback exclusively on Amazon. Get your copy here.

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