Mermaids & Pirates & Bayous . . . Oh My!

Book Two of the Dark Seas series, Siren’s Treasure, is out! Stay tuned for the release of the last book in the trilogy which will be published this week. The first book in the series, Siren’s Secret, is available here.



An underwater world where merfolk rule . . .

Mermaid Jet Bosarge has never fit in anywhere. With her blue-black hair and dark eyes, she looks nothing like her fair-haired mer-family. Other merfolk want nothing to do with her. Even worse, her ex-boyfriend, Perry, betrayed her during a sea treasure hunt and has returned causing trouble.
FBI Agent Landry Fields is intrigued by the feisty beauty even as he investigates Perry and Jet for operating an illegal maritime excavation ring with international intrigue. Landry’s increasingly drawn to Jet but getting involved with her could ruin his career.

The situation grows perilous and they both must face their deepest fears during an undersea rescue attempt. Not only are their hearts and lives in peril, but the entire mermaid civilization is in danger of exposure and extinction unless they can escape Perry and his band of modern-day pirates.

A spellbinding mermaid romance for adults.

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