Murder, Suicide or Tragic Accident?












A Killer Lurks in this Southern Suspense

Regarded as a witch by the locals, Lydia bears silent testimony to her Appalachian town’s dark underside. The townspeople might believe the bad luck began when a night of teenage partying led to the preacher’s son falling to his death. But Lydia knows Peculiar’s troubles started when a local child never made it home from school, when an arsonist set the mountains ablaze, and when her own daughter seemingly vanished.

The past can’t remain buried forever and now, from the swarming of the bees to the change in the auras she sees, Lydia knows the killer’s hold over the townspeople has ended. Especially now that Clara, who was present on the night of the accident, has returned with her daughter, setting off a new wave of violence and betrayals.

When the local sheriff organizes a meeting at the abandoned church where his brother mysteriously died, all the suspects are gathered together for a night of reckoning. This closed community’s secrets will finally be laid bare, and the killer revealed.

THE HOLLOW is a brooding, atmospheric Southern Gothic.

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Halloween is Coming . . .Get your Spooky on with this series!

Appalachian Magic Series

New Adult Paranormal Romance featuring witches, immortals, fairies and Halloween magic. To purchase as a complete box set of all three books, click here.



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