Appalachian Magic Boxed Set

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Release Date: April 2, 2018
Pages: 602


Enter the magical hollows of the Appalachian Mountains where new adult heroines discover their supernatural abilities and fall in love with powerful, sexy men that are their perfect match. Set contains two full-length books and a novella!


“Magic, danger and excitement. What is not to love about that combination? Add strong female leads, immortals, changelings and paranormals to get 3 incredible stories that will entice you into the world of the unknown and lead you down a crazy path.”
-Amazon reviewer

Where The Appalachians Ends

Seven years later

“You have to go back, Callie. You’re in real danger.”

Go back. Danger. For two days the words haunted her. Now she was on the road, the rhythmic sound of the tires on the highway putting her into a trance. Danger, danger, danger. The minute Aunt Mallory opened the letter with an Alabama postmark, everything changed.

She didn’t want to go back. Of all the nerve. She’d been exiled in New Jersey for seven years, and now Mom and Grandma Jo decided she must return at once.

Callie hit the gas pedal. The angrier she got, the faster she drove. What should have been a fourteen-hour drive due south, she’d cut to a mere ten hours. She’d never traveled so far on her own, and convincing Aunt Mallory to let her do it wasn’t easy. Especially since her old Volkswagen convertible, the ‘Dixie doodlebug,’ had over 150,000 miles.

Her heart skipped at the road sign, ‘Welcome to Alabama. The State of Surprises.’ No shit, Sherlock. Not even a mile away was another green and white sign proclaiming ‘Entering Central Time Zone.’ More like the twilight zone.

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