Siren’s Secret



In the dark bayou waters, two deadly secrets collide.

Shelly, a shapeshifting mermaid, is out swimming on a swelting southern night when she witnesses a serial killer disposing of his latest victim. He can’t afford to let her live to tell the tale. She can’t afford to let a human reveal her true identity.

With each becoming the hunter and the hunted, a lethal game ensures. Should Shelly be exposed, it’s not just her life, but the lives of her secret mermaid clan—and all of the mermaid world—are at risk.

Caught in the middle is the sheriff who suspects his girlfriend is keeping secrets and knows something about the killer terrorizing the bayou he’s sworn to protect. He’s determined to solve the murders at any cost . . .

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Siren’s Treasure



An underwater world where merfolk rule . . . Mermaid Jet Bosarge has never fit in anywhere. With her blue-black hair and dark eyes, she looks nothing like her fair-haired mer-family. Other merfolk want nothing to do with her. Even worse, her ex-boyfriend, Perry, betrayed her during a sea treasure hunt and has returned causing trouble.

FBI Agent Landry Fields is intrigued by the feisty beauty even as he investigates Perry and Jet for operating an illegal maritime excavation ring with international intrigue. Landry's increasingly drawn to Jet but getting involved with her could ruin his career.
The situation grows perilous and they both must face their deepest fears during an undersea rescue attempt. Not only are their hearts and lives in peril, but the entire mermaid civilization is in danger of exposure and extinction unless they can escape Perry and his band of modern-day pirates.

A spellbinding mermaid romance for adults.

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Siren’s Call



Mermaid mythology meets Native American lore . . .

Mermaid Lily Bosarge is that girl in the bayou – the one with the bad reputation. A true siren, humans and mermen alike are entranced by her mesmerizing voice. But life as the beautiful, enchanting, shapeshifter is far from magical. And when her old childhood friend pays a visit, she meets the one man seemingly immune to her charm.

Nash Bowman has at last returned to the bayou at his grandfather’s request. Much has changed since he spent summers in Alabama as a carefree, young boy. A break from the city and the women who constantly chase him will be a welcome break, even if it means hearing his Native American grandfather spew ridiculous folklore claiming they’re descended from Okwa Nahollo, White People of the Sea. A renowned nature photographer, Nash plans to capture the bayou on film—with the help of a paranormal skill he keeps as a closely guarded secret.

As Lily and Nash’s childhood friendship matures into something more, Lily is plagued by a stalker determined to keep her from Nash. To find true love, they must uncover the stalker’s identity as well as share their secrets. Nash also must believe his grandfather’s tales and complete an ancient ritual to save the woman he loves.

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