Siren’s Secret

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Published by: Mills & Boon Nocturne
Release Date: November 5, 2013
Pages: 304
ISBN13: 978-0263904192



In Debbie Herbert's debut novel, there are two secrets, each one with a deadly consequence...Shelly Connors's worlds - on land and in the sea - are turned upside down when an evening swim turns into a nightmare. On a sweltering night deep in the bayou, the mystical mermaid witnesses a horrifying act. With a monstrous killer now hot on her trail, her life and the lives of her kin are in jeopardy.

Terrified of becoming the next victim, Shelly has no choice but to turn to Sheriff Tillman Angier. Tillman has had his intense gray eyes on the sultry honey-haired beauty for a while. The feelings are mutual...and impossible to ignore. But he's determined to solve the murders, and he knows Shelly's hiding something. Can she trust him with her deepest secret?

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2013 Runner-up for the Maggie Award, Georgia Chapter, Romance Writers of America

“Mermaids and serial killers! What more could you ask for? I was fascinated from the beginning.”
-Amazon reviewer


The set-up: Serial killer Melkie Pellerin is visiting an old woman who lives deep in the bayou and is reported to be a witch. He wants more information on the mermaid who witnessed him dumping a body at sea.

Melkie drove the endless stretch of sandy back roads that seemed to be never-ending paths to nowhere. Finally he rounded a corner and found Tia Henrietta’s shack.

A scraggly orange tabby came out from behind a bush, arching his back at Rebel. The dog barked and jumped out the truck window before Melkie could stop him.

A screen door banged open. “Call off yer dawg.”

The old woman glared at him with eyes dark as midnight. Under the purple turban her olive skin and faintly almond eyes made her something of an enigma. Melkie wasn’t sure if she was distantly related to the many Vietnamese who worked in the fishing industry, Creole or black, or perhaps a mixture of several races.

He whistled and Rebel slunk to his side, tail tucked between his legs. Melkie patted his head in reassurance.

Tia Henrietta approached. “What you doing way out here?”

“You’re the psychic. You tell me.”

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