The Lost Dragon

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Release Date: February 27, 2018
Pages: 85



A second chance at love romance filled with magic and suspense.

When a dragon shifter’s daughter goes missing, he must seek help from the last woman on earth he wants to see again, the witch who spurned him years ago.

Drake Evers, a widower who lives in a remote mountain mansion, is content with life. He spends all his time on various business ventures, acquiring a massive fortune. But once he unexpectedly gains custody of twin sixteen-year-old daughters, his well-ordered world crumbles. When one of the twins goes missing, he’ll risk anything to find her—even if it means turning to the witch who spurned him years ago.

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“I love Debbie Herbert's magical creatures. Drake literally breathes fire and smoke, and Tansy is an earth-centered witch in the ancient wise-woman tradition, sweet but capable.”
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A curl of smoke spiraled up behind a copse of birch and pine. This was it.

Drake pulled his Hummer up to the cabin. It was small, but well-built and attractive. Potted plants dotted the shaded porch, and a well-tended vegetable and herb garden sported clumps of rosemary, pumpkins and cabbage. It all seemed so . . . cozy.

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