Unmasking the Shadow Man

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Published by: Harlequin Intrigue
Release Date: September 17, 2019
Pages: 256
ISBN13: 978-1335604682



In a race against time

Can they defeat an unseen foe?

Officer Liam Andrews knows trouble when he sees it, and trouble should be Harper Catlett’s middle name. Especially considering the mysterious goings-on in the home where Harper’s sister died decades before. Secretly working undercover, Liam is soon roped into Harper’s amateur detective work as she probes Baysville’s sordid secrets. But together, can the pair solve these long-buried crimes…before they both wind up dead?

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“I couldn’t put it down. Be prepared to stay up all night reading.”
-Amazon reviewer


The scratching began again. Skreek. A heartbeat of silence. Skreek. Skreek.

She could sleep through the blare of traffic in Atlanta, but this teeny noise in her mom’s old house in rural Virginia had roused her from deep sleep in a mere nanosecond.

It was the sound of her nightmares. The ominous scratching that had preceded the worst moment of her life and hounded Harper to this day. It was inexorably tied to the image of her sister Presley’s body lying on the kitchen floor as smoke swirled and fire licked the darkness. Harper sat up in bed and waited for the scratching to resume. But this time, the only noise was a faint swish of something soft brushing against a wall.

Probably just a mouse scampering behind the old Sheetrock, or so she hoped. Disgusting as that was, she’d welcome the prospect of mice infiltration over creepier alternatives. As a child, she’d wondered if the house was haunted by a ghost—or an even scarier type of supernatural horror.

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